With 40 years of combined experience in designing, testing and securing information assets.
Cyber Strategy & Governance

Security Through Design

Create a secure foundation by planning your information assets, evaluating security risk and forumulating threat and response scenarios.

  • Technical threat analysis
  • Insight into emerging threats
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance
  • Crisis planning and Business Continuity
Pen Testing and Red Teaming

Security Through Testing

Scenario based testing to ensure effective tactics, probe for weaknesses and evaluate technical, process and people-based defences.

  • Web and Application scanning and evaluation
  • Wifi and network penetration testing
  • Social engineering readiness evaluation
  • Red teaming engagements to probe organisational defences
Response to Security Incidents

Security Through Response

Helping to define and implement effective response plans, incident reporting and escalation.

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting
  • Establishment and outsourcing of SOCs
  • Disaster planning and response plans
  • Incident Process definition and testing