Introducing NXTCoin to the Isle of Man

The NXT Generation of Cryptocurrency

NXT is a new, stable financial services ecosystem based on non-inflationary “coins” and cooperating, cheap, speedy nodes. Join us to learn more about this new exciting cryptocurrency, that although still in its infancy, is starting to take the world by storm.

How is NXT different to Bitcoin?

  • Expanded Functionality NXT uses completely new Java code to create a revolutionary 1st generation “coin” very different from Bitcoin/Litecoin and their clones, while also adding a wide variety of exciting new 2nd generation cryptocoin financial services as well.
  • Network Simplicity The Bitcoin network requires competitive Proof-of Work (PoW) GHash/sec mining using expensive, power-hungry custom ASIC nodes. The NXT network uses cooperative Proof-of-Stake (PoS) transparent forging that is immune to “51% attacks” and runs on $35, 4W commodity Raspberry Pi nodes.
  • Transaction Rapidity Bitcoin uses 10+ minutes/block for a max throughput of 7 transactions per sec (TPS) using a 16GB (and growing) blockchain. NXT currently takes 1 minute per block at 4.5 TPS, with improvements coming in block timing speedup and routine chain pruning to support eventual “instant” transactions with guaranteed confirmation at 1000 TPS.
  • Active Community 5000+ NXTers from 50+ countries are united in a friendly online community. We don’t just talk, we act. We’re growing fast.

This event is an opportunity to learn more about NXTcoin, ask questions to the community and explore how we can use our skills and resources in a mutually benefit way. If you’re wondering whether NXTcoin and other cryptocurrencies can carve out a significant place for themselves alongside today’s mainstream payment technologies or what technical and regulatory obstacles does this nascent economy need to overcome, then join us so we can debate these ideas.

Come join us

  • Location The Forum, Mount Havelock, Douglas.
  • Date Tuesday 1st July
  • Time 5:00pm for 5:30pm

Tickets are limited so please don’t hesitate to book your seat.