Our diverse team and experience can help accelerate change in a number of areas in your organisation.
Digital Strategy

Technology driving opportunity

Apply a digital focus to the opportunities created by emerging technologies: devices, platforms, distribution models, and social media.

  • Technical landscape analysis
  • Insight into emerging technologies
  • Vertical applications of new technologies
  • Specific implementations of apps and websites
Hi-Tech Innovation

Technology driving innovation

Identify new, higher growth products and services and create virtual start-ups for rapid development and launch.

  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Access to talented professionals in multiple fields
  • Technical insight backed by business strengths
  • Experience in all aspects of technology development
Growth Opportunities

Technology driving growth

Align business, creative, marketing, and technology talent to exploit growth opportunities while maximizing performance of core businesses.

  • Organisational analysis and patterning
  • Driving internal disruption and change
  • Adopting new technologies for competitive advantage
  • Building process that can scale as you grow

Web Design & Development

Our team is well versed in the design, development and maintenance of high quality, future-proofed websites, ensuring that your business is always leading the competition.
Brochure Websites

A little can go a very long

By far the most common type of site that we create, brochure websites are an excellent way to begin promoting your business on the web. Starting with at least 4 pages and increasing to as many pages as you need, the brochure website is an affordable way to get an online presence. Our brochure sites are not simply static web pages though, as all of our sites come with a feature-rich content management system that allows you to make changes to the content whenever you want.

Bespoke Websites

Websites created exactly how you want them

Our graphic designers can create a totally unique design based on your requirements. Each module within the content management system can be tailored to your exact needs and new modules can be developed. The bespoke design package gives you total flexibility to customise your website and it will grow as your business grows. Our tailored solutions suit all types of businesses from car dealers to chiropractors, hotels to holiday companies. If you need a website that does more than a simple brochure site, then this is the site for you.

eCommerce Sites

All of your products on one easy to manage

We develop feature-rich e-commerce sites using the tried and tested open-source WooCommerce software platform. This gives you full control over the management of your store and integrates with all the main payments gateways to accept credit cards or Internet payment systems (example PayPal, Bitcoin, etc). An e-commerce shopping cart solution from WooCommerce is a quick and affordable way to start offering your products for sale on the internet.

Maintenance Plans

Keeping the cogs of your website well oiled

Keeping your website up to date doesn’t need to cost the earth, so if you do need to make regular changes to your web pages but don’t want the burden of undertaking those changes yourself, we can provide a range of maintenance plans each of which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, at an affordable price. We also undertake work on a time and materials basis for those one-off occasions when a change is necessary but you don’t want the regular outlay of a monthly maintenance plan.



With 40 years of combined experience in designing, testing and securing information assets.
Cyber Strategy & Governance

Security Through Design

Create a secure foundation by planning your information assets, evaluating security risk and forumulating threat and response scenarios.

  • Technical threat analysis
  • Insight into emerging threats
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance
  • Crisis planning and Business Continuity
Pen Testing & Red Teaming

Security Through Testing

Scenario based testing to ensure effective tactics, probe for weaknesses and evaluate technical, process and people-based defences.

  • Web and Application scanning and evaluation
  • Wifi and network penetration testing
  • Social engineering readiness evaluation
  • Red teaming engagements to probe organisational defences
Response to Security Incidents

Security Through Response

Helping to define and implement effective response plans, incident reporting and escalation.

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting
  • Establishment and outsourcing of SOCs
  • Disaster planning and response plans
  • Incident Process definition and testing